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Red Wine Tasting

Explore with Tiss Valley Winery & Vineyard

Midway Alabama

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My Bio

Tiss Valley Winery & Vineyard founded by Sontissa Hurt Nolen, a native of Midway Alabama. 

Tiss Valley Winery was brought to life in 2021. Tiss Winery brings a one of a kind experience to the Blackbelt Region and honors a 100% homegrown approach to wine making. Delivering quality, richly flavored wines that have been personally crafted from soil to vine, to bottle.

Born and raised in Midway, Sontissa is a wife, a mother of three handsome boys and enjoy their family bonding.

Tiss Valley Winery started as a dream, grew to a mapped-out vision, and is now a reality! My mission in life is to share my passion and fun times with good wine.


279 College Street, Midway AL 36053


Wine Barrels
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